Website Maintenance

Website maintenance

After you’ve got your website set up and running, there is another crucial step involved – website maintenance.

Website maintenance is the process of doing the necessary things to keep your website in tip top shape and running smoothly. In other words it’s making sure that when a someone visits your website they are presented with what was intended for them to see.

For example, Tom visits your business website to gain more information about your products or services. When Tom reaches your website he is presented with nonsensical characters, a blank page or even the wrong website. He refreshes his browser to make sure that it isn’t his browser malfunctioning only to be presented with the same blank page again.

Frustrated, he then leaves your website in search of one of your competitors who has a properly functioning website.

You’ve just earned a lost sale and lost a customer.

Maybe an abrupt and unpolished story but you get the point.  Website maintenance is a very involved process and requires a very hands on approach. It entails:

  • Updating your website themes, plugins etc
  • Adding and updating content
  • Monitoring traffic
  • Identifying errors
  • Making sure the website is secure
  • Replying to comments, questions and queries

And depending on the size and complexity of your website, it could involve a lot more.

Barbados Web Design Studio Website Maintenance

Our website maintenance plans are very affordable and they take away the stress of you having to maintain your own website.

We provide small to medium sized businesses in Barbados with cost effective website maintenance services. Our website maintenance services include:

  • Updating your themes, plugins and website
  • Making sure your website is secure
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Identifying errors and more..

For more information on our website maintenance solutions please Click here